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Remote Fullstack Developer / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I'm a versatile fullstack developer with passion to build scalable systems. I love building digital products that helps businesses and communities by leveraging technologies and data.

I have 7+ years of experience building high quality digital products.


After graduation, I worked with multiple startup software agencies. Gained heaps of experience wearing multiple hats to accomplish successful deliveries.

I founded Rauve Technologies on May 2015, helping to build software for our clients ranging from web and mobile apps to data analytics solutions.

Some of the clients I worked with includes MRTCorp, Grey Malaysia, Shopyou, ILMIA, and Datasonic.

Throughout my career, I have been exposed to various related components of software such as managing & deploying cloud servers in AWS, continuous integration (CI), containerized services, application hardening, and blackbox testing.

Other than getting my hands dirty doing the technical work, I help to guide junior developers by teaching them best practices, give advice on how to approach solving problems and empowering them with trust in producing the best for our client's work.

Career History

Ilyas Foo Software Engineering PLT

Nov 2020 - Present / JavaScript Engineer

Building the future of the Web 🌐

Rauve Technologies

May 2015 - Nov 2020 / Consultant & Fullstack developer

  • Provide consulting for clients to help meet their business objectives through the use of tech.
  • Built various high-end digital products.
  • Proposed & implemented a staggered matching technique to replace existing text classification which significantly improved the accuracy of classifying 7000+ categories.


Dec 2017 - Aug 2019 / Partner & Technical Lead

  • Designed and implemented microservice architecture for fine-grained scalability management.
  • Provide tech advisory for clients ranging from cloud architecture to web & mobile applications.
  • Lead client’s internal development team for developing web-based products.
  • Shorten the development team’s learning curves by providing insights to solve specific programming challenges.

Hummingsoft Sdn Bhd

Jan 2014 – Jun 2015 / Senior Software Engineer

  • Represent the company in stakeholder meetings from the inception of software solution idea to implementation and delivery.
  • Lead team of developers and designers for several software development projects.
  • Prepare software technical specifications for clients' RFPs.
  • Prepare execution plans for installing, commissioning, and configuring production environments for several projects.

Dec 2012 – Dec 2013 / Software Engineer

  • Implemented Sphinxsearch to support full text search and optimized the result generation speed by ~500%.
  • Setup, configured, and administered a cloud-based Debian server for both development and secured production environment.
  • Setup and configure a local development server for file sharing with samba support, git server, bug tracker, and mail server.
  • Prepared technical documents for a proposal on a government tender which was then successfully secured by the company.
  • Integrated 3 open source systems: PHPBB, Joomla and LimeSurvey to work as one system with single sign-on.
  • Created a widget-based grid system with configurable sizes and positions for different screens.

Speedminer Sdn Bhd

Sep 2012 – Nov 2012 / Software Engineering Intern

  • Collaborated with 3 senior and 2 junior developers to develop a business intelligence system.
  • Built a calendar module that allows entries of events, notes, and important dates, for both one time and recurring.
  • Built a semi-intelligent document search engine with support to search for close synonyms on predefined English words and custom result ranking.
  • Built a file upload module that allows multiple files upload and progress tracking without flash or any external components and supports down to IE 6.
  • Demonstrated to the lead engineer with techniques on how to enhance system security.
  • Uncovered several security holes in client’s systems and issued fixes such as directory traversal on file uploads and SQL Injection.


While I have listed my particular experience with specific tools or languages, I believe that the methodology, best practices, and paradigms learnt from the implementations are transferrable. I also believe in using the right tools for the job. I am always enthusiastic to learn new languages, tools, and frameworks.

Web backend

I've implemented both RESTful API services and full fledged MPA web applications. I take special care about security, performance, scalability, and testability.


  • PHP / Laravel / PHPUnit
  • TypeScript / NestJS / TypeORM / GraphQL / Jest

Web frontend

I have built single page applications and dynamic websites. I care about responsiveness, usability, aesthetics, and progressive enhancement.


  • JavaScript / Vue.js / GraphQL / Jest
  • SCSS / tailwindcss
  • Angular / Ionicframework

Cloud & server management

I have deployed, managed, and scale various services in Amazon Web Services for hosting, databases, and DNS. I take measures such as service monitoring, scheduled backups, and implement multiple security layers.


  • EC2 / RDS / S3 / Route53
  • Cloudflare
  • Docker
  • Ubuntu / Debian


I have lead and worked with small to medium sized teams of developers, UI/UX designers and project managers. I have 4 years of remote experience, with mostly asynchronous communications.


  • Git / Github / Gitlab
  • Slack / Skype / Telegram
  • Trello / Asana / Jira
  • Adobe XD
  • Google Drive


Due to the nature of my work, I have multiple clients that require data gathering, analytics and visualizations. I have also written system documentations, proposals, and technical summaries.


  • D3 / SAS Visual Analytics
  • Python 3 / pandas / word2vec / Talend DI
  • JavaScript / NodeJS
  • JupyterNotebook

Education background

Diploma in Computer Science University Institute Technology Mara in 2009.

Graduated with Bachelor (Hons) in Networking and Data Communication from University Institute Technology Mara in 2013.

Was a Cisco Certified Network Associate.
Certificate No: 411348824079BMVI


Please proceed to portfolio for summaries on some of my work.