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Personal milieu

The year 1999, my father brought home a new desktop PC. It was my first close encounter with a computer, and he showed me Microsoft Powerpoint. I was amazed by the animation feature and played until 1 A.M midnight. Produced an astounding presentation slide with tons of explosions and camera clicks that my brother enjoyed for a while. That was the fateful night that my soul was bound to building things with computers forever.

Started programming as a hobby since 13 years old. Taught myself Borland Delphi 7 and HTML/JavaScript. Built a local website for playing my favourite flash animations. Built a pacman-like game. Built another site with a feature to "chat" with canned-response chatbot with human-like typing delays wow!

More fun facts about my software related upbringing:

  • Released an AES decryption library for an online game in 2007-2008 named MapleCrypto (defunct).
  • Sold my first software which was a game trainer in 2009.
  • Passionate about application security, played various jeopardy style CTFs. In 2013, shared some writeup, security & general assembly knowledge here.
  • Found and reported various web application vulnerabilities such as SQL injections, RCE, and persistent XSS to the respective site owners.

Non-software Interests

I love to play piano (huge thanks to my lovely wife 😍 who bought me one!). Sweet & cold desserts, games, and playing Terraria with my eldest.

Yours truly,
Husband & father of 2 cheeky boys 😁